Work-life balance

I was asked about our work-life balance at Teal Unicorn. I’m not sure we do keep a healthy balance, but for us it is fine. Work is life for Dr. Cherry Vu and I. Cherry spends time every day in the garden, using flowers to ground her. Me, I just work, on business and life in a single backlog . My idea of fun is to learn about new ways of working, and to write about it. And rest from both with reading, YouTube, and naps.

We dont take vacations. Business trips and holidays merge. On caravan trips we still work, we remain connected. Once a year we go to our cabin off grid, but even there we drive out to reconnect for work.

For us it is not a burden, as we work for ourselves, we share life and work, and we love what we do. If we need to focus on life over work, we usually can. We take half a day or several days any time we need to, for kids, family, garden, … Our two KPIs are having fun and making lives better. And we enrich only us, we have no owner.

So we are a special case. I wish it on everyone.