Work is never an excuse for abuse

This showed up on LinkedIn.

It’s horrible.

This is a dangerously bad message, patronisingng and lacking in humanity.  It is management gaslighting their staff.

Nobody has the right to crush anyone else, least of all in the belief that it is for their own good. People may choose to take hard decisions. That’s nothing like having pressure imposed on you at work. Nobody has the right to abuse others in the name of work. People aren’t grapes or olives or seeds. Nobody should be treating them like objects to be shaped or processed. They get to “process” themselves, voluntarily, in their own way. It’s basic human rights, not to mention love and respect.

If you accept this advice, that’s a victim mentality. If you dont know why you are working hard, and if you are not consciously opting in, and if you aren’t satisfied by it, then that’s abuse.

A quote from Twitter:

Hmm the grape or olive is completely and utterly destroyed in the process, and the benefit is not for the grape or olive but for the consumer of their remains. This is the myth of self-sacrificial servitude