what’s OK at work?

The idea that personal lives and politics should be left at the door at work are obsolete.

The boundaries are long gone and arguably should never have been there. We’ve had enough of work being dehumanised. So now we are in the liminal space of exploring what is and isn’t appropriate at work. That kind of discovery and learning takes generations to develop. Meantime we are going to have some discomfort. How much of the following humanity is ok at work?

💥 national politics

💥 identity politics

💥 world events

💥 equity, inclusion

💥 wealth, money

💥 personal beliefs, ideology, religion

💥 values, ethics, morality

💥 personal life events

💥 personal problems

💥 sex


Clearly the answers for each one are not all of it and not none of it (although apparently we are settling on pretty close to zero for the last one). We will spend decades calibrating the levels.