What to do about poor service

if your service providers give you poor service what can you do to fix them? I take a systemic view: it is seldom solely the service provider’s fault.

Many organisations suck at engaging suppliers. They are often punitive, adversarial, and unreasonable in their expectations. It takes two to tango so poor service from a provider is often a red flag to look at your own systems as well, particularly the engagement and relationship with that supplier.

Nor does blame culture ever fix anything. There are more constructive ways to let providers know they need to improve their service.

I know there are monopolies or suppliers who are too-big-to-care, such as telcos. But you can hammer on them until you are bloody, it won’t make a difference.

They say you can’t change anyone else, you can only change yourself. Obviously that’s not entirely true we can also encourage others to change. But the path of least resistance is certainly to improve our own ways of working to maximise the service we get from others.