We are off to Vegas next year

We are off to another conference in March 2024. Las Vegas here we come!

17 years ago today, I tried an experiment with this new thing called “blogging”. I built a “website”, learning hosting+LAMP+Drupal in the process. It was meant to last 6 months, to build my skills. Over thirteen years later, I retired The IT Skeptic. That persona had a bigger impact on my career than anything except meeting Dr. Cherry Vu.

The influence of the IT Skeptic is still rippling through my timeline. In 2011, David Ratcliffe invited me to be part of Pink Elephant’s US conference, a relationship that continued for years, giving me a host of wonderful experiences and learning from some of the best minds in the ITSM industry. After a break of a few years, I’m delighted to say that Dr. Cherry Vu and I will be back at PINK24, sharing what we have learned about Open Work and Open IT.