Viva la Resignation

There is no doubt that the movement characterised as the Great Resignation will settle back to many people snuggling back into the corporate yoke of work as life. In the USA it’s extra padded with health insurance, but everywhere it’s enforced by mortgages.

But how much we backslide is up to us. Share the experience of valuing more in life than work. Highlight the shifting power dynamic between employer and employee.  Demand social support for those in transition between jobs. And, most of all, demand a fairer distribution of wealth.

The machine wants you productive, and the fruits of that productivity will go elsewhere.  A widely shared metric is that wages purchasing power hasn’t moved since 1979, despite productivity doubling.  Somebody got all that wealth and it’s not us.

So Viva la Resignation! TTJASI! Seize control of your own life, and ask for your share of a century of social advance past, and an even more abundant future coming, as the exponential advances in technology (digital, material, and biological) really kick in.  We have barely begun. Don’t let them push you back in your cube.