Vietnam prospering

If I were to sum up Vietnam in one word, it would be prosperity.

I’ve been to a dozen cities from HaNoi to the Mekong delta. Everywhere is industry, in the old sense of the word: bustle, building, commerce, wealth. New infrastructure, new businesses, new homes, new vehicles, new temples. Even in five years I can see the difference.
The World Bank numbers show plummeting poverty and rising health. The food is clean, the streets are clean. There is little homelessness. Everything works. Crime is low. There are no guns. The kids are fat. The internet is everywhere. People spoil their pets. I still wouldn’t drink the water but the time will come – they’re clawing their way back up from the ruins we left them in.
We all know the issues with their government but it’s stable. They take care of the people: they’re fed, housed, and safe. It’s corrupt but so are the Tories and the GOP.
Vietnam is booming. With that boom is coming a new awareness of human rights, environment, preservation, culture, ethics, and liberalism. It will force change.
But right now, I’d rather live here than the UK, USA, Russia, China, or many other supposedly “great” countries.
What a marvelous country ♥️