updated Eisenhower

You may have heard of the Eisenhower Decision Matrix.

It is a valuable survival heuristic in a conventional management hierarchy, but it’s not where we want to take management in the 21st Century.

It has the inherent assumptions that
🌸Only important people can make important decisions
🌸 Managers have the answers not workers
🌸 a single decision maker is always the best decision model
🌸 authority rests at the centre
🌸 delegating = empowering


Here is a potential alternative “updated Eisenhower” for Open Managers.

Stakeholders and experts swarm to agree an action, with multiple collective decision models possible.

The Dictator (my term) is the person designated in this type of situation to make the fast decision in a chaotic situation where we have to act with insufficient information. It is not necessarily the most “senior” person hierarchically.

The accountable person uses the Advisory Process

Stakeholders and experts explore the space in an iterative, incremental way, experimenting at each step. Steps will usually be decided using a consent model amongst all stakeholders.