The limits on serving

At Teal Unicorn, we are flat out. It seems that successful consultants always are. The bottleneck is we sell our own minds. It’s not scalable.  

Consulting does not scale unless you can productise your IP into a sellable object, which almost never succeeds.

Even when a book or game or whatever takes off it’s still not enough to live on.

The second option is to start a consulting firm so you can sell others, and become a Big Boss. For many who go into consulting, the whole point was to get away from that.

The last option is to become so famous and sought after that you can charge what you like, and throttle demand with price. But that limits your reach and impact.  You can make money but you do less good.

Our own time will always be the bottleneck.

It won’t scale for more revenue and it won’t scale for more social change.  Whatever the motivation, we are limited by our own work capacity.