The future is Open

The grumpy bosses and their acolytes are active on social media trolling anyone pointing to the future of work. Hot topics right now are of course remote working, ESG, and politics the workplace

It’s fair to label “get back in your office” as a boomer mindset, even if not all boomers think this way and those who do are not all boomers. It’s a product of 20th Century scientific management and specifically a fondness for command and control, and an inherent underlying distrust of the workers.
Social/cultural evolution will take care of it. Unfortunately social change is often slow, except when it gets a kick along by something like a pandemic (or a Depression or war or catastrophe – there could be more step changes to come).
And it gets driven temporarily backward when control is seized by religious fundamentalists like in the USA or Iran.
But let’s remain optimistic that the managers huffafuffing behind their desks represent the past not the future. The future is Open.