Teal Tribe get-togethers

It is so wonderful whenever we get together with our tribe of clients, followers, and friends.

We are back in Vietnam, and we have been catching up with them after two years away.

Things happen impromptu in Vietnam, so we out the word out a day or to before, in both HaNoi and SaiGon/HCMC.  We had a great time in both cities.

Here’s HaNoi

(Yes, Hang is in HaNoi for a month or two with a client)

Here’s SaiGon

When Su Nguyen arrived (in pink), one of the others said “I know you. you’re Su, you’re in the book.” ❤️
(Su makes lingerie, but if you read our books, you already knew that).

There was a business meeting at another table (there are only 2 other tables): a lady came over to Cherry, recognised her from following her on Facebook, wanted to say hello. She cam to dinner with us all later: welcome to the Teal Tribe!