This is the home of the agile Managers’ Club, a resource for those who have read (or should read) our books The agile Manager (small “a”)  and Open Management

And we have a whole other world in Vietnamese:
Sách tiếng việt của chúng tôi và cộng đồng của chúng tôi

One day the agile Managers’ Club may have its own website, but for now it still lives with its parents, here at Teal Unicorn (and some pages are on our company website Two Hills Ltd).

We will share stuff with you to add to or improve the books. We hope you will feed back. And share with each other. Let’s create a community  around these ideas. Ask questions, give feedback.
We will also tell you about useful resources.
Or contact us directly. We love to talk.

If you read the books, please leave an Amazon review for The agile Manager or Open Management – they all help.

Cherry and Rob


  • Resources

    Readers of the books (and everybody else) may find these useful:

    Feedback on Teal Unicorn’s New Ways

    [For] the first time in our company history, we have an improvement machine which helps to remove constraint and makes the workflow much faster. People start behaving differently, they work in a co-operative and supportive way toward a common goal.
    – CEO, large manufacturer

    I’ve gained a great deal on how to explore people’s talent. I change my way of working to empower people. That makes everyone happy, and, of course, we get better results.
    – Vice General Director

    I have changed my mind. I stop blaming people. I give my people a task with clear instructions. When something goes wrong, we all work together and find out the causes not pointing fingers at someone. That helps us to create a comfortable environment and positive thinking.
    – Factory director

    I see when my opinion and consciousness have changed, a lot of things changed. I can’t describe it clearly, but after coming home from your training, I look at things clearer, more excited, more confident, and that inspires others. Then change happens every day. I go on making small changes and people continue to follow, I don’t need to urge them.
    – Company owner and CEO

    Before the training, I was aware of letting my staff take the initiative, but sometimes I made mistakes. Since I learned from you, I am aware of what I do clearly when I act. Your method is easy to understand, and I could apply it immediately after the training. I got the outcomes immediately.
    – CEO, midsize business