Reflection on a Teal Space workshop

Our friend and one of the Team Teal, Thi Thanh Hoa Dao, posted this on Facebook today, talking about an all-day workshop we are just finishing up now (we ran another one for a different client yesterday).
The FB translation is passable:

How long and how many people does it take your company or organization to unify vision, mission, common values, positioning, success metrics, not to mention SWOT analysis, brainstorm ideas to improve people – systems – products/translations case, find the “easy to pick” fruits? Does every member of your company, organization agree with the above?
By holding an Openspace conference [actually it is Teal Space, our own targeted workshop based on the OS principles], breaking down barriers of bureaucratic working groups, removing the “staff have nothing to contribute” mentality, in just one day, a real estate company builds and distributes at Hanoi has built a big picture together, with many cheerful laughter and joy, everyone is confident.
Who wants to free yourself and your team from old beliefs and old ways of working, find out about #openmanagement.
If you want to go, you will always find a way, or at least a guide.