Reality rocks

Definitely one of the top 100 moments in my life, noon on a sunny Sunday in Place de Paris, Luxembourg, with love of my life Dr. Cherry Vu.
You know what all those top moments have in common? None of them happened in cyberspace.

Quit worrying about how robots and AI and all things digital and virtual will displace us. The best things in life are real, spent with real humans. People will always value that above all.
Gaming, VR, Second Life, Metaverse, video chat, virtual meetings, robot companions, cybersex machines (I have no experience of that last one personally) …. they’re all shallow cold simulacrums of real-world human activity.

We sat with Jan Schilt yesterday, with his lovely wife, outside their caravan in the forests of the Netherlands, and gained more connection, knowledge, and warmth than in all the last decade of communicating with him digitally (since the last time he and I sat on a terrace on the banks of the Amstel and built the same bonds over a beer).

Reality with real people rocks.