People aren’t ballast

Companies that lay off staff in order to maintain profits need to look long and hard at their values. So should those who remain working there – you’re next.

TWO more people in my feed today made redundant.  Not fired for bad behaviour.
These are people’s lives. If your company is laying people off, ask yourself whether it was to avoid an existential threat to the company, or if they were thrown overboard as ballast to maintain the shareholder wealth.
If a company really cares about its people, it will take a hit to profitability and debt load to protect them – the shareholders will share the hurt. If it doesn’t care, it won’t.  They’re just another resource, like machinery.
If this is happening, talk to your management.  Let them know brutality doesn’t create a safe and productive environment. Or you could leave. It’s not the 1980s any more.  This stuff isn’t acceptable.

Shareholder capitalism has run riot for the last four decades.
Wages have remained static while wealth doubled. We’re being pillaged.
Friedmanism must die. I do think it’s on the way out, but unrestrained greed takes a lot to shut down.