I’m a huge fan of the general principle of picking your moment for a learning opportunity or a suggestion.

So I was concerned to see the headline Nudge theory doesn’t work after all.

Luckily it uses “nudge” in the sense of techniques designed to change people’s behaviour, which is a different meaning of “nudge”, I have always taken it to mean an action at a moment in time. It’s about Kairos: the natural moment for action. Who picks the moment is interesting. It’s a mix of

  • Experience
  • Knowledge
  • Intelligence
  • Systems awareness
  • Instinct

Those last two are interesting. Some people read human systems better than others, see it holistically. With only anecdotal evidence, I assert some neurodiverse people are better at it than NT

Anyway those with authority for the system will designate. At one extreme, a boss hires a consultant. At the other the group turns to their natural Ri master (Shu ha Ri)