Nosek’s model of change

This model of change  from Brian Nosek came up in my feed.

This is a bit “old skool”.

Policy should be there for the safety of the individual and the organisation, to make it clear the bounds of freedom, not to force people. You can’t make knowledge workers do anything well.

Incentives should be way down the list. Plenty of research says of you pay another, money isn’t a primary motivator. Withholding it is certainly a demotivator so

🌸 Pay as much as you can afford, not as little as you can screw them down to.

🌸Stop paying massive profits out to owners then whining about downturns and laying people off. Pay a fair return, build cash reserves to meet payroll in downturns, and pay the rest to staff.

🌸Stop paying bosses and superstars ridiculous amounts.

Move Community to the top. The real motivators are:

🌸Shared purpose that people can relate to.  

🌸Psychological safety.. Staff don’t work in fear.

🌸Employees first.

🌸Inspiring vision and leadership.

🌸Treatment of all stakeholders that staff can be proud of. Good corporate citizen in the wider community.

All those things will create normative behavioural expectations that create real change. Because people want to.

The diagram misled me initially.  It’s to be read front eh bottom up,.not top down.  I’d redraw it differently.

The pyramid was designed only for the research sector, perhaps it is state of the art there.