Next time

When I was a manager of people, one of my team (hi Marty!) set his honeymoon for the last week of the last quarter of the financial year in a sales company.

Actually the CEO and another I knew well went to jail for years thanks to the quarter extending weeks into the next year, but still it was a big deal (sic) to have all hands on deck closing business.

Our team were presales technical. We were important to closing deals, especially since the sales people seldom knew anything much about what they were selling.

So it’s fair to say I copped some brisk feedback for approving his leave.

The “feedback” grew more intense when he was in fact needed while he was away. I suspect the sale person may have inflated that need to punish me for standing up for our right to a life outside work

This was in the days before mobile phones. Our email was on a mainframe so he wouldn’t be seeing that outside the office either.

When he got back, I said to him “NEXT time you get married, do it at a better time”.

The double-take was priceless.

The company can go kiss themselves. It’s a wedding. His bride-to-be doesn’t want to hear that it has to be scheduled at a time convenient to his employer.