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Do you see people struggling to make Agile or DevOps work? Wondering what you can do to make it possible?

Are you curious about the new ways of working we hear about in “unicorn” organisations?

Would you like to make work in IT better – better results, better lives, better society?

No matter where you work within Information technology (IT), this course will be of interest. The course does assume you understand conventional IT ways of working and managing. It will then update you on the developments of the last decade or two.

New Ways Of Managing is a book! The agile Manager, New Ways of Managing . Yes, small “a”.

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The Intensive agile Manager (small a)

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Many of the new ways of thinking were grown in the IT sector and then spread. Most of our courses are more generally applicable across the organisation, but this course focuses on the impact of new ways on IT work specifically. We drill down to look at the implications of the new ways for how we manage the work within Information Technology: customer relations, demand management, technical debt, visualisation, flow, reporting, Agile, Scrum, scaled Agile, DevOps and DevSecOps, testing, automation, funding, audit, career paths, development, and wellbeing.

You will gain:

  • understanding of how work and management are changing.
  • an overview of the latest ideas on managing information technology.
  • ideas and techniques you can apply in tour own management.
  • some connections to like-minded people.
  • directions for improving your own career and work.
  • better work for you and those you manage.

In this course we will:

  • understand the principles that drive the new IT work models.
  • understand that this is not hypothetical, it’s already mainstream.
  • unpack how our work processes and operating models have changed, through Agile, Scrum, Kanban, DevOps and so on.
  • get up to date on the latest incarnations of new ways in IT, such as Modern Agile, Camelot, ITIL4, or Promise Theory.
  • develop plans for your next steps to improve your work.

Rob England and Dr Cherry Vu are Teal Unicorn. We work with management to make work better; better results, better lives, better society. Dr Vu works in Vietnamese in Vietnam with a range of CEOs and senior managers, and Rob works in English in New Zealand with CIOs and IT management. Both of us use the same principles and approaches, and together we wrote a book The Agile Manager (small “a”) which gets consistent five-star reviews.  We can be found active on Twitter, Linkedin, and (DrVu) Facebook, and at

Feedback on other online courses

  • If you’re interested in getting insight into new ways of thinking and working…highly recommended.  Nick Pharo.
  • It stretched my thinking into new areas that I had not previously considered. Ziaan Hattingh
  • amazing 3 night course rob ? very thought provoking ? i’ve really enjoyed how you’ve articulated it all
  • very very good training Rob – from another veteran trainer

The course

The course runs once every week for FOUR weeks, i.e. FIVE sessions (last one at the end).

Each session is THREE hours.

The whole course is US$580.

US$290 for full-time non-earners i.e. students and the unemployed (coupon code “feck2020”).

Early bird price 40% off before August 31st (coupon code “NWAug31”), that’s US$348.

We run the course at 7am UTC, and make a recording available for those who can’t make that time (that’s North and South Americas, sorry).

Each course will proceed if 4 people enrol, or we will refund/credit your fee. Make sure by bringing two friends or colleagues!

Upcoming courses

Each course is 5 sessions spread over 4 weeks. Each session is 3 hours.

Online *live* 5 Tuesdays 0700 UTC 2020 September 29, October 6, 13, 20*, 27 Enrol here

*Note that October 20th may be pre-recorded video.