Merry Christmas from Teal Unicorn

Merry Christmas* and a Happy New Year

to all our friends, followers, supporters, partners, and clients.

In the season of seasons greetings I offer you seasons greetings from Teal Unicorn.


We don’t really observe Christmas. Dr Vu has more Christmas spirit than I do. We do assemble at my sister’s place and share presents with the whanau (family) on Christmas Day. Most of our clients are in Vietnam: they don’t slow down until Tet. Which means this isn’t holiday season for us – we aren’t in wind-down mode like most of Australasia. So I will hold my reflections on 2021 until the new year.

For those of you who do get a holiday break, we wish you all the best. We hope you will get some peace and restoration, as we all gird our loins for 2022. These are crazy VUCA times. We hope you all survive and thrive until the 2020s decide to be nice. I extend a special thankyou to everybody who followed us, supported us, or did business with us in 2021. We greatly appreciate you.

Merry Christmas and a happy New Year to you all.

We have a surprise for you…

Our new book Open Management is released today!!

Yep!  Finally done, just in time for Christmas.  Grab your holiday reading!



(* Some complain that “Merry Christmas” excludes those who don’t observe the festival.  We get that, but equally “Happy holidays” excludes those who don’t take a holiday at this time of year, such as Vietnam.  We are not Christians.  We celebrate this time of year for family and festivity, not religion. It is all food and funny hats to us. Christmas is a universally understood calendar designation, and we mean it only in that context.  Happy Hannukah, Happy Solstice, Happy Bodhi Day, and Ustano Jato Atrava Yo Spitamo Zarathushtro.

And come Tết, in February, when we finally get our holiday, we will wish you “Chúc mừng năm mới”.