It’s not all about greed

Have you ever noticed how many e.g LinkedIn articles are about attracting more customers, increasing profits, and growing the business?

As if that’s all anybody cares about, as if it’s all that matters.

Only a certain proportion of us work in highly competitive commercial settings where greed is good. Many work for government, not for profits, or just nice businesses. For them it’s not about growth or riches, at least not top of the list, not what drives them.


In our tiny partnership at Teal Unicorn, we don’t focus on how much money we can make, and we have no desire to grow the business. And we have more customers than we know what to do with.

All we care about is making a difference and having fun doing it. All the rest follows.


Many organisations exist to serve a cause, not to generate money. Some don’t get rich (charities), some have no need to get rich (public servants), some get rich anyway (even though I’m terribly rude about Elon Musk, I genuinely believe that he’s not in it for the money, he wants to change the world).


So when you’re writing, how about coming from another nicer angle than hustle and battle for a change. Move up the scale (see pic). Connect with a wider audience. You know who you are.