Information for different reasons

Many of us – including me – delight in building abstract models to organise information. Then we wonder why they aren’t universally popular. Why do only some people “get it”?

Because people want information for different reasons, depending on their own orientation, and their immediate requirement.

Information can be enlightening, useful, or practical. There is some crossover but it is seldom much.

Enlightening information makes us think better about the subject.
Useful information helps us know what we are doing, to have applicable knowledge.
Practical information helps us solve the problem at hand, to give us capability.

Pure science is enlightening but it doesn’t explain the ground I want to excavate.
Geology is useful, but it doesn’t tell me how to dig this hole.
Chemistry is great and explosives knowledge is useful, but they don’t tell me how to remove this particular rock without killing anyone.

Some people want to be inspired. Others want to get a hole finished.