Humans bring a lot more than processing power

People bring a lot more than processing power to the job. We aren’t wet robots. We contribute to a working community, not a production machine.

“many thinkers have downplayed innate talents to emphasize environmental influences. They argued that success can be shaped through years of deliberate practice, programs to change one’s attitudes about learning, or even hours of playing video games…

“But the evidence in favor of the influence of innate talents remains strong, and denying them or overpromising on the efficacy of environmental factors may sometimes be harmful. People can waste time and resources that could be better invested, and may run the risk of experiencing stigma if their efforts do not succeed because of factors they cannot control.

One answer to this problem is to learn more about talents beyond those related to intelligence and then to make better use of them. Classical notions of intelligence may be just one factor of many that determine overall ability”

Neuroscience News