How to help managers be vulnerable

How do we help managers deal with a VUCA world where they no longer have the answers (nor can they create the illusion they do)?  How do they deal with the insecurity?

The first thing is that it often comes as a relief to managers to learn that they are no longer expected to have the answers. Many suffer from imposter syndrome.

The second is that many decent people are equally relieved to be able to shed the Alpha manager persona and be a little human. Being a prick isn’t in the JD. It’s ok not to be tough. If the answers come from others, then it’s ok to ask for help.

Flipping the hierarchy, switching from gardener, liberates many managers.

For others, not so much. Learned behaviours are entrenched. Pressure reverts them to their comfort zone. Beliefs in principles of work run deep. Colleagues and LinkedIn connections reinforce the old ideas.

For all of them, they can’t change how they manage until the governors change how they manage managers.