Hooray for the hatters.

Meanwhile, “a man’s application to have himself and his five children declared dead has been thrown out by a High Court judge who described the claim as ‘pseudo law’. The applicant also tried to lay his claim in a court that does not, nor has ever, existed in New Zealand.” 

Whilst this guy is mad as a hatter – and a hazard to his five children – such diversity is healthy for the legal system, to test it in unexpected directions. The fact that the judge needs to re-examine in a new light those principles which we hold as givens is a good thing, if only to remind us all of them. it’s at least informative. And imagine if he did find a chink in the legal structure.

Those who work in IT will recognize this guy as part of the Simian Army, a Chaos Monkey. This is Chaos Engineering at its finest.

Hooray for the hatters.

image psyberartist, Flickr, CC A 2.0 Generic

Hat tip (see what I did there) to James Gander for the link