GPT is fake

Please read this Twitter thread to understand the danger of GPT, the AI content generator everyone is raving about. It’s not real information. It’s a simulation of information.

And this LI post on “superb bullshitting”…


We asked (not ChatGPT) to tell us about Dr. Cherry Vu and it mashed together the most bizarre mixture of information about Cherry and Dr. Cheryl Vu, gynaecologist, and a company , Cherry Health, none of which is correct.

Weirdly, Chat GPT says it doesnt know . So Chat GPT and playground use different data.

Really, it just makes s41t up. I asked it about Rob England and it told me “He is a certified facilitator of the Teal Organization Model, and has 25 years of experience in consulting and leadership coaching. He has a background in business, organizational psychology, and organizational development.” none of which is true.

According to ChatGPT “Wardley maps consist of a series of nested circles, with the innermost circle representing the most foundational components of the system or process and the outer circles representing more abstract or higher-level elements.”
Also not true.

The name AI is misleading. There is no intelligence.