Enterprise agile advancement in a clothing manufacturer

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In 2018, Teal Unicorn  were invited by the CEO of one of Vietnam’s largest clothing manufacturers to help make staff happier.  We quickly figured out that it wasn’t about individual experience, it was about frustrations of the system (which is usually the case: fix the system not the people).  This is the story in pictures:

Their factories are pleasant places

It’s not that the head office campus is a “show piece”. We visited regional factories too.

Please forget any stereotypes of “sweat shops”. Look at the safety and ergonomic features: aircon, clear zones, good lighting, dust masks, hearing protection, emergency stop, even a few plants (more in some teams).

They’re a big company.

We had strong executive support and an eager open-minded leadership team.

and really smart people to work with.

We bring in specialists as needed. James knows Lean.

We did a lot of work…

We visualised their data in new ways that were enlightening…

Relative size of factories,

relative performance of groups of factories,

more relative performance and scale (we love bubble charts!),

sample balanced scorecard.

…and got great results!









Things change, people move on, priorities shift… We havent been back there for a while. We are ‘hopeful that we can achieve even more with this client again in the future.



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