From Same culture to Change culture

In a VUCA world that isn’t the same for generation after generation, we are too quick to declare the end/death of something when it is merely changing.

We don’t have the mental models to see change as normal, as the state of being. We still see the world through a stability lens where same is normal.
The consequences of this are all around us:
– conservative backlash
– religious fundamentalism
– nationalism, flag worship
– oppression of diversity
– rejection of science and reason
– risk aversion
– resistance to change (obviously)
– generational disconnects
– centralisation of power
– management by prevention

Slowly, society is learning to live in a state of change.
We also see this all around us:
– inclusion of diversity and its creative force
– rejection of dogma and mysticism
– liberation of the oppressed and their potential to contribute
– rise of stakeholder capitalism and ESG
– distribution of power and authority
– organisational fluidity
– management by learning through experiment and failure

I’m optimistic enough to believe that humans will adapt. The dominance of Same culture over Change culture is ironically what impedes us in adopting the necessary Change culture. But it doesn’t stop us entirely: change comes, over a few dead bodies. Reality kicks us along, e.g climate crisis. Society is evolving away from Same culture towards Change culture. Hang in there.