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At Teal Unicorn, we are all about community. We love that we are growing a community around our work.

Some are alumni of our courses. Others are clients we have consulted with. Our clients are our tribe, some become our best friends. More are people we met on social media, or back in the days when we went to actual conferences. We draw that band together here, in the Friends of Teal.

We welcome you to that community too. Come to learn from those applying our ideas – their successes and failures. Join to share your own knowledge and ideas to enrich our learning. Dive into the abundant resources we have collected around new ways of working.



Get access to:

  • the band of friends: meetups such as Lean Coffees and alumni reunions (usually monthly), as well as informal chat and advice.
  • The agile Managers’ Club: resources for readers of the book The agile Manager (small “a”), including our extensive recommended reading list, and a long list of internet links.
  • The agile Managers’ Bookclub: book extracts, resources, support, and podcasts to help you reading the book.
  • the Unicorn Management Model: patterns for advancing to new ways.
  • the Make The MOST sales methodology.
  • full access to past blog posts.
  • group and individual coaching services.
  • discounted prices on all our training courses: New Ways of Thinking, Working, Managing, Managing IT, Selling, Consulting, and more…
  • our managed Experiment Programme for those experimenting with New Ways; get support, resources, and shared learnings from all the others on the same journey.
  • all the other Teal Unicorn content: our videos; and pages and pages of other useful material for New Ways.

If you have attended one of our courses or been a client in the past, let us know if we omitted to add you.

Or anyone can become a Friend of Teal for the cost of a cup of coffee every month.

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Note: most of our live events are timed for Asia/Pacific and Europe, not so much the USA, sorry.