Our Four or More training offering: your own private course from Teal Unicorn

Introducing Four or More from Teal Unicorn.

Get together between 4 and 10 people for Teal Unicorn training or coaching for the fixed price of US$400 per hour. Not per head: per hour for the group!

This applies to 

  • The agile Manager (small a), our approach to changing how you manage so that you can change how you work.
  • Management coaching on new ways of managing and working.
  • S&T Happens: surviving and thriving in a VUCA world. (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, Ambiguous)
  • New Ways of Managing IT, including the general new ways of working and IT’s own Agile, Lean IT, ITSM, and DevOps.
  • New Ways of Consulting, for consultants in any knowledge work (one of our most popular courses)

…all of which can be delivered live online as training and/or ongoing coaching, in a format customised for you. We schedule at a mutually agreeable time, on your preferred channel (Zoom, Teams…). If given a choice we use our own Zoom account.


In a world marked by uncertainty, exponential acceleration, and advancing social values, you need the better ways of working and managing that are transforming organisations around the world: business agility, servant leader, transformational leadership, humanocracy, invitational management, complexity thinking, OpenSpace, Agile, Lean, and more.  We have understood and applied elements of them all, to repeatedly get radical improvements in the performance and happiness of our clients, every single time.


Imagine, two full days of training, or five weeks of 3-hour sessions, usually costs about US$1500 per person. Instead, 15 hours of Four or More is $6000 total, so bring along 10 and it’s $600 each!

Form a manager coaching group to meet for two hours every fortnight. Bring 10 to Four or More for $40 per head per week.


Our feedback from clients is universally happy and they return. We have assembled great content from the leading ideas about work today which we have tested ourselves. Our trainers are experienced, authentic, engaging, and passionate.


Contact us to craft a solution for you today. We’re done with scheduled training. Get a group together and call us when you’re ready.  We are here to serve the needs of your organisation or your circle of colleagues, any time you want us.