Fixing Agile

I don’t think Agile software development will ever be “fixed”. It is what it is, it’s in the wild, distributed across millions of people in a  hundred countries.

Just as Agile swept the IT world, and then the business world, something else will come along to displace it. There will be a seminal event, a core group, and a new concept that doesn’t just capture but also ignites the zeitgeist.

DevOps didn’t quite do it  although it taught the mainstream to do systems thinking.

Perhaps it won’t come from IT at all this time.  It will almost certainly come from left field in its means of delivery and yet be based on obvious roots, just as Agile did. I think those roots include Teal and Open.

It’s about rising above framing or models like Agile or even Teal. In every wave of thinking about work, whatever comes after is broader in scope and incorporates what came before.
At Teal Unicorn we use the term Open to throw the net around all of
⭐ human considerations
⭐ complexity and systems thinking
⭐ and agility and resilience.
See more on Open and see our book Open Management.

As I said, whatever comes next will grow from something like that.

Waiting …