Decyphering Dr Vu

One of my resolutions for 2022 is to help the English speaking world (including me) better undestand what Dr. Cherry Vu is doing in Vietnam, because it clearly works.

After noticing that 3 of the 4 top performing regional directors are in her coaching group, one of our biggest clients now wants training for 450 of their next-tier managers. She is already working with the Board and Executive.


In all our clients, she unlocks so much morale and money that they love her to bits. Bosses become personal friends. This has to warrant closer study.

Why do I think that? First, she deserves the attention. Second, I’m in love with her. But most importantly, if this translates to other parts of the world, then we can unlock so much lost productivity – and reduce so much work misery – that this could be a whole new century of work. We’ve done Taylorism and Friedmanism. It’s time for Humanocracy, Agility, and Teal. Dr Vu might just have found the formula, if we can discern it across the language barrier.

For now, I’ve done the best I can to describe it in the latest edition of the Business Agility Institute’s journal Emergence. I’ll do more this year. If you’re curious, reach out to us to learn more. And if you have advice for me on how to unravel her success, that would be welcomed.

(We’ve also cracked how to do remote consulting. Cherry and I still live in New Zealand and haven’t been near Vietnam in two years).