Corporate Rebels meet the Teal Tribe

Here is some very exciting news for Teal Unicorn:

For those who don’t know, Corporate Rebels is a leading organisation for the research of businesses that apply advanced management methods, to include in their Pioneers list. They travel around the world to research the most inspiring organisations, and published an inspiring book of the same name. They have a huge following.

We invited Pim and Joost from Corporate Rebels to Vietnam to meet four clients: Amber, BIC, Erick, and PCS.  Those links are to our past case studies of them. We eagerly await CR’s write-ups – they were impressed.  Pim found it life-changing

For us, it’s an important independent validation of our work. We really struggle to get people to even believe what we achieve.

Here is a translation of what Cherry wrote about it:

Corporate Rebels studied the businesses we helped in Vietnam and was surprised to know that in a country like Vietnam where it is considered to be managed very traditionally, conservatively… in short, the world has not appreciated that there are agile businesses managed by Open thinking, advanced, humane, and high performance.
We invited them come to Vietnam to research these businesses.
Between Pim and Joost, that’s Do Qui Duong our excellent translator.
PCS was the first business we introduced. During lunch time with CR leaders, Ms. Thu Le , Chairman of PCS, asked them about policy, pay repayment… how do CR do it. After they answered, Le Thu said:
– Sister, then their policy is not as good as what I’m doing.
Haha I was proud. I told you Teal Unicorn is totally different from the rest of the world. That’s why I want the world to hear the stories of agile enterprises in Vietnam: PCS should be proud of what they do.
After an open discussion with representative members of all departments, listening to PCS’s transformation process, difficulties, challenges at the system level as well as changes of each person at individual level, and business results they have achieved, as well as the growth of new businesses due to change, CR were totally convinced.
Briefly :
– The whole system is simplified and optimized
– All employees in the system are sellers and customer service
– Customers receive compensation immediately when there is a fault or fault (they used to wait for months)
– The service is customized individually for each customer based on their needs.
– past clients who had left have returned, themselves introducing new clients to PCS. Many large customers now choose PCS as their service provider.
– Company revenue doubled, increased profit by 2 to 2.5 times. The income of the worker also increased with that.
– Happy customers, happy employees. People want to come to the company to work because that’s where they belong and their abilities are developed (PCS pays according to skills, not by role, rank or age).
What touched everyone’s heart the most is probably the transformation story of an organization that made employees, managers, and even leaders better as people; and that change itself made everyone much happier than they were before.
For Teal Unicorn this is the biggest reward…