Corporate astrology

Psychological profiling is corporate astrology.  It can be an amusing team building exercise, for the conversations it triggers, but should never be used to assess people, before or after hiring.

Humans dont lend themselves to measurement. This is not just a personal opinion, but one shared by many. I haven’t researched the field so I’m not equipped or interested in evidential debate. (I do know enough to know that most tools are Jungian, including the widely discredited MBTI).

In fact, this is like most fields these days: it’s too complicated now for laypersons to study. We need to observe expert consensus, experts being those who spend decades getting doctorates and immersing full-time in real research.

Even deeper, I have an ideological objection to measuring people, unless they choose to go and get themselves measured as part of their personal journey.

Profiling is often required for job applicants, even internal ones going for a new role. And people are rejected on the basis of it.
It’s also used to shape professional development plans, and even used sometimes to put teams together.
Given that none of it has any scientific basis beyond the opinions of psychiatrists based on the hypotheses of Jung, that’s unreasonable treatment.