Cherry is gaining some celebrity in Vietnam

From Cherry’s Facebook feed (translated by FB):

Now I understand and pity the celebrities who are always poked by lenses.

I’m nobody, not beautiful, not long legs, but I went to rent a room in Hanoi, met the apartment manager: ” Oh, are you Cherry Vu? OMG I’m your biggest fan. Do you know how you changed my life? From the day of reading, I have become servant mother of my children. If you are good, your children will be good too. I’m so grateful to you, sister.”

I went for a massage shop, met the massage girl. After waiting for me to undress then she said – so shy: “I recognized you when I walked in. Whenever I’m free, I take out your book to read, any of your articles are so challenging. I feel like I’m much better than I was before.”

Gathering in a cafe: “Are you Cherry Vu? I am a senior manager of X Group, I followed you on the Agile Managers Club on Facebook for a long time and have applied many things you share in my work. I am much more relaxed and productive now. I feel very lucky because I have met you.”

The other night we were free, we were sitting by the lake, the children were jumping around pointing out: “This sister is Cherry Vu”.

That’s the encounters I’ve had since I came back to my homeland. And today, two women selling fruit in front of the house where we rent an apartment grabbed me and asked: “Did you talk about raising children the other day on TV? I thought you look familiar.”