Business owners and managers who don’t understand complexity

New Zealand has one of the best COVID responses on the planet, and yet too many business owners and leaders are unhappy about disruption to their profits. They lack an essential understanding of complexity, which bodes ill for their businesses in future.

Perhaps if the business leaders moaning about the lack of “a plan” during lockdowns understood a bit about complexity theory, they might be able to understand and appreciate our government’s performance a little better.
This article is a bit simplistic and slightly dated, but it explains it in straightforward terms that anyone can grasp, in a context that a business owner can relate to. Share it around.
How Complexity Theory Can Help Decision-Making in Chaotic Times


Here’s another good article for those who don’t understand how to cope with the current world:
“…a paradoxical tension that leaders must manage: providing direction, guidance, and reassurance while acknowledging that the path ahead isn’t clear. Doing one thing without the other doesn’t work. Both are needed to help people find the clarity and strength to move forward. Balancing this tension requires leaders to lead with humanity”

When Crisis Strikes, Lead With Humanity


If only journalists understood complexity theory. This is a great example of what the government is up against.

The Week in Politics: Transition confusion and Auckland’s road to nowhere 


This image drove the old white right wing demented: