Blog posts for September 2022

We spent most of September on the road again, in Mr Teal, our caravan.

A bit yuppie

This is going to come across as a bit yuppie, but it illustrates the mobilised nature of work.

Cherry on a yoga mat in park

I went all militant, with a series of posts raging against the corporate machine.

Back in the box

It’s interesting to reflect that I almost never go into the CBD any more.

Soldiering on

It is no longer socially acceptable to infect everyone when you have a cold or flu. 3 years ago we called it “soldiering on”. Not any more.

Work life balance

It’s not a binary polarity “quiet quitting” versus “marry the company”.

Make pay transparent

A TikTok account issharing people’s salaries. “Gen Z is known for sharing everything about their lives – from their outfits to their latest meals – online. Now, they’re sharing their salaries, defying a long-held taboo and ruffling employers’ feathers”
This transparency is brilliant. One day it will be mandatory.

On diversity, again

I’ve seen the weakness of too many organisations run by white athletic men in suits. The lack of diversity leads to group-think, shut out of capability, limited creativity, and loss of motivation except amongst the clones. People get listened to and promoted because of their BMI, teeth, and hair, not their ability.

The nasty boss

We do hear of bosses who go out of their way to make someone’s life miserable: to be cruel and abusive in the workplace.

Employers have made holidays awful

Lying in our caravan, “Mr Teal”, in a scenic part of New Zealand starting my work day, I was reading about the stress of taking vacations. This made me realise how much we at Teal Unicorn (TU) live the future, and how much you Friedmanist* employers deliberately make vacations awful.

The great wealth scam

The gaslighting, indoctrination, and outright brainwashing of the workforce, especially in countries like the USA and India, never fails to horrify me.

It wasn’t all pitchforks. I had some more positive reflections too.

Questions, observations, and suggestions.

As a consultant, your most powerful contribution is the questions you ask, leading to discovery, surfacing information, exposing gaps and inconsistencies.

Loss into oportunity

It’s never a loss to have to cancel something: it is always an opportunity.

Most of all on the blog in September, we had TWO client case studies:

When the leader leads

Another in our series of client case studies: EVN Finance.

PCS Courier: producing different results

Here is a progress report from one of Teal Unicorn’s clients in Vietnam. PCS Courier is a division of our client PCS. PCS Courier recently were introduced to the work innovations  happening with great success in the parent company.