Blog posts for September 2021

Last month we wrote about a few big topics. Not many posts but chunky ones:


You can’t fix overburden while you’re overburdened

When workers complain of burnout a pet answer is work smarter not harder. It is true that we can  increase throughput to reduce overburden. What is not true is that we can increase throughput while we are in a state of overburden.


The world is always a complex adaptive system

The real world is always always VUCA. We create tight boundary conditions to at times force it to behave in ways that are other than complex but that is an unstable temporary arrangement.


The next major incident won’t look like the last one

This is not the Black Swan. The next incident is not necessarily unimaginable, you might quite likely be able to conceive the scenario.



I often say “Blame the system”, with the intention of redirecting the sentiment onto something inanimate. The next step is to learn not to blame anything, to mature to more positive emotions. I can redirect blame away from individuals in seconds. To learn not to blame takes years.


Knowledge management is an activity not a tool

Knowledge only actually exists in people’s heads. What is called knowledge management is just an attempt to capture a snapshot. KM should be facilitating people talking to each other.