Blog posts for October 2022

I wrote posts that I thought were pretty thoughtful in October

The future is Open

The grumpy bosses and their acolytes are active on social media trolling anyone pointing to the future of work. Hot topics right now are of course remote working, ESG, and politics the workplace

From Same culture to Change culture

In a VUCA world that isn’t the same for generation after generation, we are too quick to declare the end/death of something when it is merely changing.

Open over Agile

Why do we need “Open”? what is wrong with “Agile” or “Agility”?

Solving human problems

For the philosophers of work amongst you, here’s something to think about before you get into debates over concepts like Agile or Industry 4.0. They don’t matter. They don’t much matter

Agile is never the solution.

Agile is not ever the solution. You can’t “use” Agile . There are many techniques that fit its principles.

The power of love

People ask how we make working together successful.

What Great Remote Managers Do Differently

What Great Remote Managers Do Differently, HBR. I’m going to quote at length. Read the article. It reinforces everything we say at Teal Unicorn.