Blog posts for July 2023


Will we retire?

Bringing managers problems

“Don’t bring me problems, bring me solutions”.  Good or bad mantra? I’d say neither good not bad, it depends on context.

Tell stories

Story telling is one of the most powerful persuaders of all.  Use stories: case studies, interviews, personal testimonials….

Whole self

The Empire strikes back. The recent opinion piece in the UK Times Do your job and leave your ‘whole self’ at home claims “Modern businesses’ obsession with authenticity and vulnerability is only making work harder”. It is sad to see but I suppose natural that the dying management ideology squeals a bit.

Systems leadership

I enjoyedthis article about systems leadershipfrom the World Economic Forum.  The CLEAR framework is a good description of how Teal Unicorn work.


I assert that pursuing perfection is a suboptimal distraction. By all means do it for your own satisfaction in your craft, but organisations generally shouldn’t, for several reasons:

Being better executives

Been reading all that leadership advice? What if you’re NOT inspirational, visionary, empathetic, strategic etc.? Can you still be a leader?

what’s OK at work?

The idea that personal lives and politics should be left at the door at work are obsolete. How much humanity is ok at work?

Company tax

I’m a simple soul. there are many things I don’t understand and tax on private enterprise is certainly one.


We haven’t translated any of Cherry’s writing for a long time, sorry. This one has to be seen:

How to deal with people who are always right

You’ve probably met, had an employee, colleague, or boss who always thought they were right. If you meet such a boss, co-worker or employee you’ll soon realize that it’s really not easy to deal with them because they don’t open up and listen to others. In order to cooperate with them first you need to understand why they have their attitudes and I’M RIGHT.