Blog posts for January 2023

Information has no value until it is acted upon.

Visualisation is great, if you do something with it. Information has no value until it is acted upon. That is beyond the scope of this book, except to say that this concept is expressed in many different ways that all essentially mean the same thing:

In praise of boring

Boring is good, for living, working, and running a company.

Project management was the worst thing that ever happened to IT

when I wrote this back in 2017 it was for the IT context, but it is still fresh and it applies for any fungible product,  not just software

Get controls out of the way

Controls are essential to protect the organisation’s assets. But achieving velocity through quality requires that all “necessary non-value work” get out of the way of value work. Minimise controls: just enough to control risk, ensure compliance, and monitor performance, with the least possible impact on value work. Experiment with less or lighter control.

A reflection from our client, Amber

In November 2022, one of the Amber team, Maria Nhật Tân, shared on the Facebook Agile Managers Club group: