Blog posts for Feb-Mar 2021

Starting a new monthly service to curate our blog posts in a summary post. Please let Rob know on social media if you are using this., and how you would like to see it organised.

March 2021 was a quiet month, so our first summary is for the two months Feb-Mar.

Our new theme for 2021 is S&T Happens: Surviving and Thriving in a VUCA world We have added a new page to explore How can we survive and thrive in a world marked by volatility, uncertainty, complicatedness, and ambiguity?


We have been featuring our client successes for some time.  Here are the latest two posts:

Our success stories with new ways of working. We are excited to offer a video of Dr. Cherry Vu and some of her clients in Vietnam, sharing, in English, the successes they’ve had with new ways of working and managing. This stuff works.

Precious time back through very human agile thinking   My name is Đỗ Cẩm Lai (Lucy Do), and I am CEO and owner of LINHPOHS, specializing in all kinds of shirts and home wear.


Some blog posts are about ideas/concepts:
Work from the heart Our work at Teal Unicorn is driven from the heart not the head.  We are finding what works at a human level not a mechanistic one.

What do we mean by “Laloux’s model”?   We are called Teal Unicorn. We say the term “teal” comes from “Laloux’s model”.  What are we refering to?

We can’t agree what agility actually is. While we may all hold certain patterns to be true of agile ways of working (I say iterate, increment, experiment, explore) we are miles away from agreeing on what agility actually looks like.

On coaching A couple of points that come up less often than  they should when discussing how we should coach teams in ways of working.


And some blog posts are commentary on what we see:

Flexibility for family. Treating staff like people. It’s fascinating watching the incredulity on LinkedIn when somebody suggests that staff should be able to duck away for an important family event. “Impossible! You can’t run a factory/shop like that!” Absolutely you can.

Remote work? I don’t think so Remote work? I don’t think so. For all the personal advantages, work is better together. For most people in most contexts of knowledge work, we need a hybrid model coming together say half the time, plus or minus, to do our best work.

Corporate astrology Psychological profiling is corporate astrology.  It can be an amusing team building exercise, for the conversations it triggers, but should never be used to assess people, before or after hiring.

Why diversity There are really good practical reasons for embracing diversity. Looking good isn’t one of them.


And a fun one for you: Our latest video: Dr Vu goes to work Remote working can present some new challenges, such as the commute.