Blog posts for August 2023

Using SFIA or eCF for IT teams doing Shu-Ha-Ri

We use Shu-Ha-Ri a lot. At one of our clients, the IT folk are finding it hard work to come up with a good set of IT skills, so I referred them to the Skills Framework for the Information Age (SFIA) or the European Competence Framework (e-CF) instead.

Cynefin is situational

Cynefin is situational, it is for sense-making. It says as much about what we know as what is happening. Eg reality is never Confused, it knows.

Responsibility and accountability

If people don’t take ownership of responsibility or accountability, there are reasons.

Chain of command

We want to move away from centralised authority and solo decision making, and the concept of chain of command.

It’s on you

What Open Work requires from you. It’s not ALL on your bosses.

Enough being tough

Enough of the advice on how to be tough and cope with the heat in the kitchen.

Burnout is not a personal issue

Don’t let employers gaslight you into thinking it’s your problem. Burnout is a systemic problem.

Accounting for people and capability

Accounting treats humans as a cost not an asset. This is a perfect example of how the system drives the behaviour. Fix the system. It may be the most important example of all.