Blog posts for August 2021

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Oops, September is nearly over and here is the summary of posts for August:


What are the odds?

Imagine that you have bought a ticket as a space tourist. You ask what are the odds of survival and they tell you “Astronauts have a 97% chance of survival” (true). Then you ask “yes but what are *my* chances of surviving *my* trip?”.  Nobody knows.
This post is really interesting. So many people are incapable of accepting the fact that the future is unknowable. I spoke about it on this podcast


VUCA hype

Seen on social media: “don’t fall for the VUCA hype”. Let’s examine the situation…


Share the rewards

At Teal Unicorn, we coach our clients to share bonuses.

When people don’t flourish

You can’t measure a knowledge worker but we can assess someone as a person, not a machine.   The team knows who is not pulling their weight.  If we have good relationships they may know why too, and sometimes be able to help.


There are interesting parallels between parenting and management. Cherry and Rob recently wrote a book on parenting in Vietnamese in conjunction with our son David. This is how we view raising teens. Look at how similar this is to the ideas of better ways of managing.


What is a consultant?

What is a consultant? We use the term carefully.

Predatory consulting

£3m for 8 weeks of consultancywork: McKinsey given contract to adviseUK.govon tech project business cases”Seventy five thousand pounds a day.

Anybody who believes an outside agent can swan in and deliver that kind of change in 8 weeks is smoking something.


And a moan…

Audio and video vs text

I almost never consume podcasts or videos. Text is better.