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The dysfunctions of transformation

There are classic mistakes being made over and over as large organisations try to “do Agile”, “implement Agile”, or *shudder* “transform”. I’m getting passionate about preventing the harm.

We hate that word “transform”, although old habits die hard and I still catch myself using it. I had to do a deliberate purge through our new book. Transformation is done by fairy godmothers. Or caterpillars. Large entities don’t change like that, they don’t change that fast, and it isn’t a finite step. Stop it. We say “advance”.

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We need an agile approach when dealing with any crises

As policy makers around the world are seeking ways to fight the Covid-19 pandemic that is escalating rapidly, they are responding quickly or slowly, rationally or not, leading to corresponding results. For example, Europe and the United States took too long to take action, which gave the chance for the pandemic to spread. And in countries where the response went very wrong like Italy, the pandemic has turned into a disaster.

As managers, what can we learn from the way countries deal with the unprecedented challenges of the rapidly expanding crisis.

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