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Agility is about 4/10 in importance

I’m always bemused by how worked up people get over Agile ideology and theory.
It makes the DevOps folk look restrained, the ToC evangelists tolerant, and the old ITSM debates look totally placid.
It seems to be increasingly hostile and polarised. It’s certainly not inclusive or collaborative.

It’s all noise.

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Blog posts for September 2023

Corporate Rebels meet the Teal Tribe

Here is some very exciting news for Teal Unicorn:

When a Teal Unicorn meets a Blue Dragon

Teal Unicorn recently had the privilege of meeting the amazing Michael Brosowski, founder ofBlue Dragon, introduced to us by Corporate Rebels.

Vietnam’s advantage

I got all evangelical over lunch today with a prospective client in Vietnam.
I said that thanks to the high wall around the country built from the language barrier and the social change resistance of the Party, I feel Vietnam retains more collectivism than most countries.


I don’t like the acronym BANI: here’s why.

Can we get by without truth?

One of the challenges of the social sciences is establishing empirical truth. It’s impossible to do the science. Perhaps that is just how it is and we must judge by beauty and goodness instead.

Lingering last-century thinking

Conventional 20th Century management is baked into so much language and so many ideas and models. The world has moved on; we are better now, more enlightened. We understand how management can be different so as to make work better. This site is all about that.
But still the hierarchal, command-driven, mechanistic, dehumanising ideas linger all over the place.

The three primary resources of every organisation

There are three primary resources for every organisation: capability (not people!), information, and money.

The benefits of a daily standup

Discussion of daily standups often focus on specific benefits In a project context. We find there are huge benefits in a daily standup for any team anywhere.

The power of the one-day hack

We have a new client in Vietnam who have had some training and coaching, read the books, and now needed a demonstration of what Teal Unicorn can do.

updated Eisenhower

You may have heard of the Eisenhower Decision Matrix. Here is an updated version for the 21st Century.

be careful with Lean

We love Lean. Especially VSM. And also shining a light on overburden. And of course eliminating waste, especially bureaucracy.

The Millennial change to work is coming

…whether we Boomers and Gen Whatever like it or not.

Best practice mediocrity

It’s funny, but the false assumption is of course that everyone is doing best practice. Few are, whatever the set of practices.

Slow TF down

Lighten up on speed of making the product.

Golden Communications Group

Teal Unicorn are working closely with Golden Communications Group, a Saigon group of five media and communications companies, celebrating their 25th anniversary in 2023.

A wonderful outing on Núi Cốc Lake

One of the joys of what we do is when the Teal Tribe treat us to an excursion somewhere.  Recently a prospective client took us for a wonderful day out,

Teal Tribe meetup in Saigon

The Myst is one of the great modern architectural highlights of SaiGon, the decor is amazing. There were three architecture students here studying it while we met up with our Teal Tribe: followers, supporters, clients, and friends of Teal Unicorn. The cafe here is our regular meeting place.

Teal Tribe meetup in HaNoi

No posed pics this time. Here is a candid shot of the Teal Tribe in HaNoi getting together again for laughs and love, bonding over an admiration of Dr. Cherry Vu.

Randomly meeting followers

It is so lovely to start a relaxing Sunday by being recognised in the street.