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We don’t know what unicorns think about (probably rainbows, glitter, and Frozen) but this Teal Unicorn spends a lot of time thinking about New Ways of Managing and Working, Human Systems Agility, and being an agile Manager (small “a”). We wrote a book. Click the image to learn more.

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We will blog here to capture our thoughts. This blog functions as an archive for stuff we write elsewhere: on LinkedIn, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and documents for clients.

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Come discuss anything about new ways of working and managing.
If we get enough people, we will use a Lean Coffee to organise topics, and jam notes on a whiteboard (or a Google Doc).
We will hang around longer if people want to carry on.

New Ways training alumni meetup

An online gathering for all those who attended New Ways online training (and anyone curious)

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Management by Objectives.

We see MBO making a comeback. Quite right, it’s Drucker.…

We would modify it slightly in five ways for 2020:

Dont delegate: authorise and invite… servant manager not command and control.

If they’re knowledge workers, then precisely define the objectives for each team, and reward each team, not each individual. Knowledge workers don’t work alone.

You cant always be precise. In complex or chaotic situations you have to explore. Then the objective is broad, even vague.

You might like to link it to OKRs, which clearly relate.

And finally, you need to adjust those objectives often, iteratively, for a VUCA world. That’s agility. You dont get to step back and watch it unfold.

It’s a VUCA world

The world is increasingly VUCA: Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, and Ambiguous.

Not everyone has heard the term VUCA. Over 30 years old, it has been used by the military to describe the new geopolitical world, and increasingly it is used day to day to describe our lived experience.

Why is the world increasingly VUCA?

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