Audio and video vs text

I almost never consume podcasts or videos. Text is better.

Audio/video don’t respect the time of people like me who prefer text.

Lots of people like podcasts. I used them a lot when I was suffering from depression and needed to walk daily while keeping my mind busy. I learned a ton about DevOps from them.


But in the interest of diversity and inclusion, I think all audio and video should include a transcript for those of us who can read in a fraction of the time that we can listen; and for those for whom you are broadcasting in a second language so that a transcript is more accessible.


Finally I think text is just better because the consumer gets to control the speed and direction in which they absorb the information flipping back and forward and stopping to think at will. It’s also easier to highlight, clip, quote, and save.


All power to those who still prefer audio & video. I produce enough of it myself for other people 😄