Are you being screwed?

The whole of society – the education, religion, philosophy, and community – will gaslight you into believing your place is to work and suffer for the profit of others.

Call bullshit. Your place is pursue contentment with family and friends, to be the best you can by your own values, to serve your beliefs not a master. You exchange effort for reward in order to enable that. You are entitled to a fair share of the value you create, and so is the owner.

Start here:
Work comes after family, health, personal goals, and enjoyment of life.
Work is not its own reward. We do not exist to work and we are not defined by our work. We are all more than that. We are not drones.
Pay should be the maximum the organisation can afford, in order to care for you. The owner should take no more than a fair return. Wages should track productivity (they haven’t for decades).

If this isn’t you, you’re being screwed.