Agility is about 4/10 in importance

I’m always bemused by how worked up people get over Agile ideology and theory.
It makes the DevOps folk look restrained, the ToC evangelists tolerant, and the old ITSM debates look totally placid.
It seems to be increasingly hostile and polarised. It’s certainly not inclusive or collaborative.

It’s all noise.

They’re all abstractions, simplifications, models, thinking tools. They matter as much as what is the best hammer to drive a nail. None of the debate is any more useful at the gemba than a different hammer is when building a house. It makes a detectable difference, that gets lost in much bigger practical considerations.

We need to rise above the arguments over sandal or gourd, and look further out to what really matters:
🌸humanity at work
🌸embracing VUCA complexity in our systems
🌸ensuring the resilience and agility of the organisation

[From my comments:
Agile absolutely is an ideology, nothing else. It’s a way of thinking and being, not doing.
I’m cool with civil debate.
But on the spectrum of issues facing us at work, even specific to IT, Agile scores about 4/10 for importance.